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About Us

Our vessels range in horsepower from 1100 H.P. to 5600 H.P. The fleet operates on the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and South America, as well as on the Great Lakes. All vessels in the fleet are equipped with the latest navigation and communication equipment available today. Each vessel is staffed by qualified and professional crews. In addition to the vessels, Dann Marine Towing has a fleet of Tank, Jumbo Hopper barges and deck barges, as well as five self-unloading cement barges that are available for charter.

Dann Marine Towing’s base of marine operations, Canal Place, is located in Chesapeake City, MD, on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Canal Place is a modern, fully bulk headed marine facility that has been in the Dann family since the 1950’s. The company has tugs based in Chesapeake City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Norfolk and New York. Shore side assistance is available 24 hours a day to provide timely response to the needs of Dann Marine Towing’s customers and vessels.