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About Us

Darling Ingredients has been at the forefront of the circular economy, and we continue to look for ways to improve the environmental footprint of our business.

About 50% of the animal makes it to the dinner plate. The other 50% requires innovative, sustainable solutions to avoid landfills or incineration. That’s where Darling Ingredients comes in. Darling Ingredients (NYSE: DAR) is the largest publicly traded company that takes the other 50% of the animal and turns it into valuable ingredients. We create specialty food ingredients that are used to make gelatin capsules for the pills we take, thickeners for the foods we eat, and collagen peptides that help our hair, skin, nails and ligaments. We sell ingredients to companies that make feed for pets and livestock like swine, cattle, poultry and fish. And if it can’t be fed to a human or an animal, we take those materials and make green energy.

Maintaining transparent governance and operational practices, and robust ethics and compliance guidelines allows us to better deliver on our mission. When we put good fundamentals in place and operate with integrity, honesty and a commitment to doing what is right, we can focus on our purpose of repurposing and operating our circular business model.