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About Us

Iquique U.S. provides seafood products that feed the world. We are an American company actively involved in international business. Our name originates from Chile, our founder is Danish, and we catch, process and freeze fish in the waters off of the coast of Alaska. Our primary seafood products are produced on-board our fleet of catcher-processor vessels, and then further processed in plants in the United States, China, Japan, Korea and Europe; to meet the dietary and cultural needs of people throughout the world.

Iquique U.S. was founded in 1987 by Danish fishing pioneer Svend Jespersen and several American partners. This was a time when the American fleet was expanding in Alaska in response to the expansion of federal waters to 200 miles. Svend had fished and lived in Iquique, Chile in the 1970’s and after returning to Denmark, he established a company named Iquique Denmark. When deciding on what to name the U.S. company, he chose North Star Fishing Co. U.S. The first fishing vessels managed by Iquique U.S. were also named after Chilean places: Arica, Cape Horn and Concepción.