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What Do Our Newport Beach Harbor Membership Boats Include?

Aside from feeling great about supporting our 100% green rental fleet, our member boats have plenty of room and make ideal rentals for fishing in Newport Beach, having a relaxing dinner on the harbor, or enjoying the consistently beautiful weather any time of year!

Duffy Boats, originally manufactured in Newport Beach, remain a local favorite with their classic style and very easy to use control system. Our Duffy boats vary in size, some holding a maximum of 8 passengers while others hold as many as 12, and are generally best for first time boaters including those not familiar with Newport Beach Harbor.

Our OC Boat Rentals Memberships consist only of electric and solar powered boats made by trusted manufactures, and accompany additional discounts for add-on’s, local restaurants, stores, power boat rentals, bike rentals, paddle board rentals, kayak rentals, and more!