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About Us

Sea Ray is the proud manufacturer of superior quality pleasure boats including sport boats and sport cruisers. Our boats range from 19-40 feet.

Founded in 1959, Sea Ray was one of the first boat builders to use fiberglass and other high-tech composite materials in the construction of pleasure boats. The company's continuing innovations in unique styling, performance, interior design, technical systems and many other areas; plus many revolutionary breakthroughs in technology and quality manufacturing processes, have placed Sea Ray at the top of the world's pleasure boat builders for more than half a century.

Sea Ray's employees are committed to ensuring that Sea Ray customers are ultimately and totally satisfied. This commitment is not merely an ideal, but a corporate policy. As a result, Sea Ray's customer satisfaction ratings are among the highest in the world, and the resale value of Sea Ray boats is unsurpassed.

At Sea Ray, we believe that richer moments on the water lead to a richer life. That’s why everything we do is designed to make each moment exceptional - now and in the future. With the reinvigorated Sea Ray, you will see a renewed committed to delivering bold, modern and innovative product designs that achieve the quality standards that built the Sea Ray brand. We are also committed to continuing to invest in technologies that will make the boating experience easier and more convenient.