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About Us

At TCH our Head-hunters are contractually bound by our ethical code of conduct, so you can be rest assured they are acting with the highest integrity, honesty and professionalism.

We understand how important it is for our Head-hunters to strictly adhere to this code of conduct in order to ensure our good reputation is maintained. In addition to compliance with all legal and diversity requirements, some of the key principles we abide by include:

• We conduct business dealings and build relationships with the highest degree of professionalism, ensuring honesty, integrity and appropriate behaviour always.

• We ensure our Head-hunters do not act in any way which will damage their reputation, the reputation of The Crew Hunter, or the wider yachting industry.

• We document all our dealings with clients and candidates ensuring a robust audit trail of all activity at all stages of the headhunting process.

• We will provide accurate, honest information and constructive feedback to clients and candidates throughout the headhunting process.

• We strive to make sure the best available candidates are proposed for relevant roles, ensuring any relevant work permits, VISA’s, experience or yachting

 qualifications required for the role (legally or otherwise) are met.

• We always maintain confidentiality for both the client and candidate, only disclosing confidential information with explicit consent or if required to do so by law.