VIKING YACHT SERVICE CENTER: Your Gateway to Marine Careers

About Us

 When the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida, opened in 2002, the plan was simple. Knowing that 70 percent of Viking Yacht owners pass through the Palm Beach area in the course of a year, we felt the time was ripe to provide our owners with a convenient location featuring every modern amenity a boat owner might need to maintain the yacht in Bristol fashion. Additionally, we wanted to have a central location for Viking warranty work, and above all deliver a level of service that made the boatyard experience a pleasurable one. 

We also knew that it would take more than talk or a name change to bring our vision to fruition. So, after purchasing the Old Slip Marina, we set about turning the idea into reality. To make it happen, new floating docks were installed, a new 150-ton Travelift was purchased and a 125-foot by 150-foot open end building with 50 feet of overhead clearance for tower boats was built. A three-story building also was constructed with service bays and office space. The response was immediate and the yard quickly gained a reputation for its excellent service and commitment to owner satisfaction. With sister companies, Atlantic Marine Electronics and Palm Beach Towers on the premises, the Viking Service Center became a one-stop solution for routine maintenance, engine and generator overhauls, major renovations, mechanical, carpentry, fiberglass and electrical reparations. With our skilled shipwrights and Viking trained technicians we could serve our owners the best way we knew how: the Viking way. 

As the Viking Yacht Service Center’s reputation grew, owners of other production boats and custom yachts sought out the yard’s professional expertise. To accommodate a growing customer base, Viking purchased a second waterfront facility, a few docks north of the Viking Yacht Service Center on the Intracoastal Waterway, and flagged it the Viking International Yacht Center. The expansion allowed AME and PBT to move into larger surroundings as their operations grew, as well as provided a base for shipping Vikings overseas to coincide with an emerging international business.

With two, full service yards, we can now offer the entire boating community the same expert care and attention to detail that Viking Yacht owners have been enjoying for years.

We cordially invite you to contact us for realistic estimates on all of your yachting needs… (including warranty work).

The Viking Yacht Service Center and the Viking International Yacht Center are both full-service facilities for all brands of yachts and are open to the public on a first come first serve basis for service.”