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Frequently Asked Questions about Yacht Jobs in the USA

General Questions

What types of jobs are available in the yacht industry? offers a diverse range of job opportunities in the yacht industry. This includes roles for Captains, Crew, Marina-based positions like Forklift Operators, Deckhands, Managers, Detailers, Repairers, Divers, Engineers, Techs, and more.

How can I find a job on a yacht?

Discovering your ideal yacht job is easy on Our platform allows you to search based on job category, location, and employment type, be it full-time, part-time, daywork, or contract.

How much can I expect to earn working on a yacht in the USA?

Salaries in the yacht industry can vary based on the role, yacht size, and required experience. However, our platform features a range of competitive salaries across various positions.

Is it possible to secure a yacht job without prior experience?

Yes, the yacht industry offers several entry-level positions that don't necessitate previous experience. Nevertheless, possessing relevant skills or undergoing specific training can enhance your employability.

How frequently are job listings updated on

We are committed to offering the most recent yacht job opportunities. Our listings are consistently updated, ensuring you're always in the loop about the latest openings.

Does feature jobs outside the USA?

While our primary focus is on yacht jobs within the USA, we also list opportunities in other prominent yachting locations.

What sets apart from other yacht job boards? is a comprehensive platform tailored for both job seekers and employers in the yacht industry. We pride ourselves on our diverse job categories, user-friendly interface, and consistent updates. Additionally, our platform's search and selection feature for Service Providers is a valuable tool for Yacht and Boat owners, as well as Captains, to effortlessly find the services they require.

How can I apply for a job on

Applying for a job on is straightforward. Browse our job listings, select your desired position, and follow the provided application guidelines.

What's the significance of creating a detailed profile on

Creating a comprehensive and accurate profile on is crucial. It not only enhances your visibility to potential employers but also ensures that you're matched with jobs that align with your skills and preferences.

For Employers

How can I post a job on

Posting a job is simple. Navigate to the 'Post a Job' section, fill in the necessary details about the job, and submit. Ensure you provide a detailed description to attract the right candidates.

How can I ensure my job listing attracts the right candidates?

Providing a detailed job description, specifying the required skills and experience, and offering a competitive salary can help in attracting the right candidates for your job listing.

Can I edit or remove my job listing after posting?

Yes, you can edit or remove your job listing after posting. Simply log in to your employer dashboard on and navigate to your job listings to make the necessary changes.

How can I get in touch with potential candidates?

Once a candidate applies for your job listing, you will receive their application directly. You can then get in touch with them using the contact details they provide.

What benefits do I get by posting a job on

By posting a job on, you get access to a vast pool of qualified candidates in the yacht industry, ensuring you find the perfect match for your job requirements. Additionally, our platform offers features like automated job postings to social media platforms, increasing the visibility of your job listings.

How can I ensure my job listing reaches a wider audience? promotes job listings across various channels, including social media. To maximize your reach, ensure your job description is clear, and consider featuring your listing for added visibility.

What's the benefit of creating an employer profile on

Creating an employer profile allows you to showcase your company, its values, and the benefits of working with you. A detailed profile can attract more qualified candidates and establish trust with potential employees.